Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paris report

Good flight...very rainy and depressing weather in the morning upon arrival...spent 6 hours in an interesting and productive meeting...had un verre with a colleague staying in a halfway decent hotel in la rue des now going to find a decent bite to eat, and then will go to bed early...have to leave the hotel at 6-ish tomorrow morning to catch my plane home, and then to go straight to work....


  1. A bit jealous of your professional life...I'm waiting on a vote tonight to see whether I'm rehired tomorrow, or not.

  2. Grey and rainy here in London yesterday. Today just grey.
    Hope you had a good flight back.

  3. quick trip....but any time in paris is pure pleasure!

    ah.....hope you had smooth trip home....

  4. Thanks for your wishes all of you! Going to Paris for work is not quite as exciting as it sounds, but I had a nice little stay and got home fine.