Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to school, relaxed and refreshed

I don't work for the French public school system, so I don't benefit from the generous and frequent "vacances scolaires" that regular teachers get.

I worked and indeed had class up to and including the 23rd of December. (Education nationale teachers would gasp in horror at that.)

Some of my colleagues even taught on the 24th. But I lucked out on that score, and was able to take Christmas Eve off, followed by a full week of vacation since my building closes down between Christmas and New Year's Eve.

That break was apparently sufficient for me, as I went back to school/work today relaxed and chipper.

I hope this good cheer can last me through the long, cold, dark months ahead


  1. I still recognize your handwriting (in all the best ways). ;-)

  2. That's a shorter vacation than the teachers get here, too! Glad you're relaxed and refreshed. Hope it's a good semester for you. (Didn't realise you're a teacher.)

  3. @Steve -- Thanks! But remember we had blackboards, not whiteboards. I don't know how I could stand that.

    @Betty -- Aren't you a teacher too? Can't remember.

  4. Glad to be able to read your blog again, Betty!

  5. I stopped teaching 3.5 years ago, and I can't say I miss it, but I like the routines of school. I' just happy to have one job, instead of two.