Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not to market, not to market...

It's sad to say, but this is my only market-related photo of Rodez

When I lived in Montbazon, near Tours, and in Albi, I used to be a market-goer. What self-respecting shopper who lives in France isn't?

Somehow in Aveyron, this laudatory habit went by the wayside.

First, my toddlers got in the way.

Then, my work schedule got in the way.

After that, ecological compunction about driving back to Rodez (36 km round trip) on a Saturday morning when I had made that commute all week got in the way.

Recently, a commitment to buying produce from my village's grocery has "gotten in the way," although this certainly stems from good intentions.

I do make every effort to buy locally -- it just doesn't happen at the charming Rodez markets.


  1. I love the photo and will go to a market as long as I'm not expected to shop there, or go every week. I let others with that "creative cuisine" gene go in my stead! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  2. great photo! market carts here in the states aren't nearly as charming as those in france - at least i can't find them where i live!

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