Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good old-fashioned emails

Along with my desire to get back to blogging, I have also felt like writing good old-fashioned emails.

So instead of working up a nice post for tonight, I spent quality computer time writing some details to my parents about our recent Christmas trip to Brussels.

These details will have been shared with them before they were shared with you.

And isn't that the way it should be?

In the social media frenzy, have we lost our sense of communication priorities?

Sometimes I wonder.


  1. Betty,

    I am a letter writer from way back and I could not agree with you more. I actually like emailing very much because one has the feel of old-fashioned letter writing with, more or less, the advantage of instant reception and the absence of delays in writing created by the necessity of finding a pen, paper, an envelope, a stamp--I used to have to address the envelope and stamp it or I couldn't get myself to write the letter. But emailing is heaven for me.

    Congratulations on having gotten a substantial letter about your family Christmas vacation off to your parents. I'm sure that they will absolutely love it. Blogging pales in comparison to a good letter to a loved one, especially when the letter is answered!

    Happy emailing and blogging!

  2. Hi, Betty ,

    I love email: the private conversation one-to-one that can be thought about and responded to without the interruption of a telephone call.

    Nice post - especially about the priorities in life. :D

  3. Me too. I finally send off a few e-mails to friends and family that aren't on all the social networks and I really am enjoying the responses I'm getting back from them. I'm going to try and keep that up.