Thursday, January 20, 2011

NaBloPoMo, or the triumph of quantity over quality

Today, after scraping the ice off my car, I will be leaving for Rodez at 7:10 am. I won't be back until quite late in the evening because we're having an open house at work.

So basically I'm just checking in here to fulfill my NaBloPoMo duties.

It's definitely an example of quantity winning out over quality, but I will be proud (and relieved) when the month is over and I can say I have posted 31 days in a row.


  1. blogging is fun when it doesn't feel like a yoke around one's neck. the sentiment at the base of today's post is why after signing up once with nablopomo was enough for me.

    yes i was proud that i posted every day during a month (last november was that month for me on the mouse) but it left me SPENT and my blogging mojo was greatly diminished!

    good luck.....

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! Comments have been few and far between the past few days, but I also know that blogging every day slows down my own commenting, so return comments slow down...a vicious cycle.

    I have enjoyed NaBloPoMo when I have been in a little group of 3 or 4 bloggers and we all faithfully commented on each others' blogs every day.

    That said, I think if I hadn't signed up/on, I would not have gotten this new blog going at it has served a purpose!