Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fresh photos: Views of my village

The door to the primary school my daughters went to

I have never really blogged much about the small town where I live.

Somehow the term "village" doesn't quite seem to apply, although some do use it. In fact, I just did.

Others call it a village dortoir, or bedroom community, which to me describes the place more aptly.

A road to somewhere that I take sometimes

The place is not without its charms, but it doesn't have an old town center as such, so it's difficult to capture its feel.

It's a great place for sporty mountain bikers, or hikers who spend hours marvelling about the wonders of the scrubby causse. But of course I'm not one of those.

Sheep safely grazing between old farms and housing developments

These photos were taken on my weekly trip to the recyling bins -- not a lot of village charm in that, is there?


  1. The round tower reminds me of the château here in Cesseras.
    I would say that a lot of people would love views like yours on their way to the recycling bins! :)

  2. @spacedlaw Yes, especially compared to Rome...

    @Loulou I agree, I am an ungrateful wretch. It was an especially gorgeous day, as you can see, so the place was looking especially good. Actually, I'm challenging myself to take more photos close to home.

  3. Betty C,

    Just wanted to say how utterly fantastic I find your new banner photo! Exquise, ma chère!

  4. I have been through your "village" and it is nice. Beats LA freeways, electronic billboards
    and the hoards of homeless people.
    The new banner reminds me of Brittany. I like it a lot.

  5. @Nadège @The Pliers -- I had edited it for the post, and then decided to make it my banner for awhile. I plan to change banners more frequently now that I know how to do it :)

    @Nadège -- I'm not quite ready to cite my "village" by name, but will probably get around to it eventually.