Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fresh photos: Today in Rodez

Rodez, late morning; January 8, 2010

Call it serendipity.

I was planning a post about photos today, and it's funny how one of my best online and real-life friends blogged on the same subject.

Unlike myself, Loulou has not experienced a drought of photography inspiration. More power to her.

Speaking of "power," I stumbled upon the joys of photography when my husband gave me a Canon PowerShot S45...a long time ago.

The model has apparently been around since 2002; I must have gotten mine shortly thereafter.

One of the many "weird places" in Rodez; January 8, 2010

When I was blogging at La France Profonde, I got into cropping my photos. For example, I would have cut out the mailbox and the whatever-it-is door-on-the-right from the above. But they're part of what I see; I think I'll be doing photo vérité from now on.

L'Hôtel du Cheval Blanc, Rodez; January 8, 2010

This is one of the places that has fascinated me for years in Rodez, although I've never stepped through its door. On the ground floor there is some sort of strange café -- I think it used to be a restaurant too.

A long-standing American friend of mine has sipped various drinks there, and recently told me that if I wanted to go, he "should probably go with me."

Would anyplace in Rodez really be that daunting for me in broad daylight? I mean, it does have a Facebook page, after all.

At any rate, I hope I will make it before it closes down or is remodeled.

And I will try to take some photos.


  1. I love that narrow little alley. Did we see that when I was there?
    There are a lot of photos that I discard because they either don't turn out or the image that I saw wasn't captured well on the camera. The beauty of digital!
    I hope you start taking more.

  2. @Loulou -- I rather doubt we saw it. It isn't that far from where we had that great hot chocolate, but I don't think I took you down that street.

    Come back so we can eat at Chez Marie! She's re-opening after a holiday on January the 20th!

  3. Betty, you have such an eye for photos - I have always enjoyed the way you capture shadows when you shoot scenes in Rodez. Your photos of the hospital a few years back really spoke to me.

  4. not to be presumptive but check out jan phillips book "god at eye level: photography as a healing art" marvelous book as are your snaps!

  5. It is so nice to see pictures of Rodez again.
    I hope the new Soulages museum will be nice and interesting.

  6. @Mimi Thank you for the compliment. As I said, i don't think of myself as much of a photographer, but going digital really freed me up.

    @mouse Thanks for the suggestion. I've never really read about photography, but will look the book up and keep you posted.

    @Nadège -- Don't worry, I've left la France Profonde behind but will never stop posting photos of Rodez. It's my favorite photo subject.