Monday, January 10, 2011

Music Top Tens 1: Songs by the Kinks

When I was keeping up a blog called And So Forth, which annoyingly doesn't seem to show my photos anymore, I posted from time to time about music.

I plan to eventually scratch And So Forth from my personal Web places, but not before mining a few significant posts.

One is a list of my Top Ten Favorite Kinks songs.

Of course, it has evolved a bit since then, as top ten song lists tend to do.

Here it is in its current version, without extraneous linkage or commentary.

Be warned: someday I may come back to this and write a post about each and every song...

1. Days

2. Shangri-la

3. There's Too Much on my Mind

4. Waterloo Sunset

5. Oklahoma USA

6. Strangers

7. 'Til the End of the Day

8. Lola

9. This is Where I Belong

10. Victoria


  1. The Kinks were my very first live concert, back in the early 80's!

  2. No kidding! Where? I've seen them/Ray Davies at least a dozen times in three countries...

  3. Saw Ray Davies (for the 1st time) at the Hop Farm Festival last July. He was fabulous!
    Days & Waterloo Sunset are my faves.

  4. I saw them either in Lincoln or Omaha, Nebraska, I can't remember, which...just that I took a road trip with my highschool buddies to see them and had a blast!

  5. Some would be in my Top Ten too, Betty. For me, This Is Where I Belong precisely belongs to a wonderful '67 summer in Brittanny. At the time in France we had no singles but EPs, and This Is Where… was B-side for Mr Pleasant / Two Sisters, with…Village Green, which was featured in UK on VGPS only 1 year 1/2 later ! Sometimes we were lucky

  6. Jean-Luc -- Interesting combination on that EP. I didn't know that France had no singles during the 60s, but then again I don't know a lot of things!

  7. Great songs all -- though I think the only one that would make my Kinky Top Ten would be Waterloo Sunset. Mine would certainly include "Sitting in My Hotel Room" and "Tired of Waiting" -- "Dead End Street" and "Complicated Life" would probably make the cut too. But that's what's so fun about being a Kinks fan, the catalog is so immense and so deep. And as you say, it changes from year to year. So glad to see you're back blogging!

  8. Thanks for your comment Holly. I have planned a few music posts here, although it won't be the main bent of the blog like yours. I think "Dead End Street" would make my top 20, maybe "Tired of Waiting" too..."Sitting in My Hotel Room" is great as well, but one I tend to forget a bit. I love "Complicated Life" for its sheer Kink-iness but it's not one I'd listen to over and over.

    I'd love to see your list "du moment!"