Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Off to Paris for work

One of "my" corners of Paris, January, 2010

Three or four times a year, I fly from Rodez to Paris for work-related meetings.

This professional approach to going to "la capitale" has given me a very different vision of the City of Light.

Usually, I don't even spend the night.

My typical day "meeting in Paris day" moves seamlessly from my car to the airport to a plane to a bus to a quick walk to a windowless building to the RER to the airport to a plane and back to my car.

This week I am lucky; the grand business expense total made it actually cheaper for me to spend the night in a hotel and fly back the next day than to do the whole trip in one day.

So tomorrow evening I will get a tiny taste of Paris.


  1. Enjoy! You deserve some time to enjoy the city after so many 1 day trips.

  2. I love Paris!! Where will you be staying?

  3. My meetings are near l'Avenue de la Grande Armée, kind of the Champs-Elysées area. Not one of my favorite "quartiers," but I have made it my own.

  4. If you get a chance check out the new Shangri-la hotel on Hoche. Gorgeous place.