Monday, December 31, 2012

On the 10th day of Christmas....

Rodez, Place Foch, Dec. 31 2012
I wonder why her shadow looks like "The Thinker"?

...I had some minor preparations to do for the New Year's Eve party, or "réveillon," that we are going to. 

As I posted two years ago on my "old blog," I'm not too big on this celebration. Too long, too late, too much a time of year when I am usually too tired.

But since this year I have had longer Christmas holidays than usual, and also we didn't spend any time travelling, we both felt up to accepting the more or less standing invitation we have to celebrate New Year's with friends here in the village.

I think they know we are both pretty frazzled these days, so I got an easy but pleasant food task -- buying cheese and the wine to go with it.

For the bottles, I went to my favorite wine merchant's, La Cave Ruthène, and then I went uptown to buy cheese at another favorite Rodez place, Chez Marie

Chez Marie is a fab address and Marie is a fab person. Not only does she sell the best cheese in town, but her little shop, right behind the cathedral, is also a "cheese restaurant" with great food at reasonable prices.

I feel a New Year's Resolution -- no, intention, coming on. During the week, I have got to get out of my work neighborhood and into the town center more. Because, as my daughter just pointed out to me a few days ago, downtown Rodez is a very pleasant place.


  1. Yum. You SHOULD really explore more.

  2. The center of Rodez IS a very pleasant place! I really loved my time there and hope that you do take the time to spend more enjoying it in the new year. Happy New Year, Betty! xx

  3. A CHEESE RESTAURANT? Seriously, Betty. How can I not visit you now? xoxo Anne.

  4. I like intention rather than resolution! Cheers, Betty! Here's to a fab 2013!!

  5. Wot?! No St Marcellin or St Félicien?! Marie should be shot on the spot! :)

    May you and yours have a wonderful Réveillon and an excellent New Year.

  6. Yes, there was indeed St Marcellin AND St Félicien. This is not a complete picture. I bought some St Félicien and it was so liquid, it really had to be eaten with a spoon. Didn't go over too well with the New Year's Eve crowd, sorry to say.

    1. Oh dear, never mind. Those cheeses come from near here and although they are fairly popular not everyone likes them runny. Still, purists say that that's when they are best and I like them runny myself and scoop up the cheese with bread. They are quite strong so they tend to overpower suble wines like good Burgundys etc so I drink more robust wines from the south with them, Corbières or similar. Mmm, deeelish!

  7. @Anne Yes, indeed, there is a fabulous cheese restaurant right here in Rodez. So now you must visit, as you said!

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