Monday, December 24, 2012

On the third day of Christmas...

...I got a heck of a lot done! Last-minute food shopping, all of the gift wrapping, and some house-straightening.

Now I had better get to cooking! Our Christmas Eve dinner will be simple and has become our family tradition:

Starters: foie gras and saumon fumé on toast

Main Course: boudin blanc (see above), sautéed apples, and steamed potatoes

Dessert: A fancy bûche de Noël purchased from a local pastry shop

I love this meal because it is so easy to cook that the evening really feels like a true holiday!


  1. That is my kind of meal! I think we are having a rib roast tomorrow (depending on what D and L bring home). Speaking of L, I'll send you her e-mail address. She is flying to Paris for the semester Jan. 8; perhaps she and D can meet up at some point! We don't know where she will be living yet. That information comes after a period of orientation

  2. It's C who lives in Paris. Of course she will be happy to exchange details. I can also send you all of our personal details, even if we aren't too close to Paris!

    I keep all Christmas food simple...since we've always just had small celebrations with the four of us (this year the 3 because D is with my family), I've found delicious and simple spreads that work great for us. This year we are having three different meals though, boyfriend oblige!

  3. Merry Christmas Betty! I like your menu. I hope we can meet tut-tut in Paris when hr daughter us there. bises!