Saturday, December 1, 2012

Inspiration in the form of a tweet

With the constant flow of information I get through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn discussions, and email, it would seem I should have never-ending sources of inspiration for this blog. 

But maybe too much information kills inspiration. At least nothing has really set the blogging fire burning again -- until today.

For a long time, I have been thinking of blogging more about teaching and especially my field, teaching English as a Foreign Language. But it seems hard to get started when so many have already gone so far with it.

Then yesterday, I ran into this tweet from fellow EFL teacher Janet Biachini, whom I have been following on Twitter for a while:

I read her post Quattro, and thought "I really should be doing something like that."

Sure, I've read plenty of educational blogs over the years. But something about how Janet simply stated her reasons for blogging, which range from "to share my teaching ideas" to writing about the region she lives in, made it sound simple. 

I can do that. And I want to, very much.

The World from my Windows may be taking a different turn: less travel, more teaching, and hopefully a lot less "I want to be blogging again but why can't I get going on it" angst.

Affaire à suivre...


  1. Dear Betty

    Thank you so much for mentioning me in this heartfelt post. I am thrilled if I have somehow played a small part in setting "the blogging fire burning again". I wish you all the best in pursuing this new direction!!

    You CAN do it! Why not combine it with a bit of travel news as well as other personal thoughts on life in general, whenever and if you feel like it? I actually really enjoy reading my fellow EFL bloggers occasional posts on their travels and reflections on life in general. It adds an extra personal touch...

    I am really looking forward to reading your insights on EFL matters. When you are inspired to write your next blog post, the writing will take care of itself. Remember to write for yourself first of all, and not worry too much about whether someone else has already written on a similar topic. It's what you think and write that counts, and so it will be a completely unique perspective.

    Warm wishes from Abruzzo:-)


  2. Thank you Janet! I actually debated forever about whether I should start a new "teaching only" blog or keep this space, which is my post-"writing about life as an expat in rural France" blog. Your comment has encouraged me in the idea that one can mix and match the personal and the educational.

    We'll see where this takes me!

    Thanks for the advice,


  3. My pleasure, Betty. See you online soon :-)