Thursday, December 27, 2012

On the 6th day of Christmas...

...I will be shamelessly materialistic and write just a bit about one of my Christmas presents. 

Despite my interest in communications technology, I was late to the smartphone game. But for Christmas 2012, I said good-bye to this...

...and hello to this:

I couldn't be happier! This is a really great gift that should make 2013 a lot more fun. 


  1. I'm back in the dark ages of a cell phone is a cell phone is a cell phone. Since I work at home, I really don't have any need for this level of sophistication, although it would be nice . . .

  2. @tut-tut Well as you know I travel a lot, so a good smartphone will definitely be useful. And as you suspect, one becomes fond of the little critters...

  3. I hate to admit it , I am totally attached toy little droid, as someone who watched star trek and thought those little handheld computers were the coolest things, I love that we now have the same abilities: can't remember the name of an actor who played in some movie? Need to find out the hours of the bakery on Saturday? Want to record a snippet of a song so I can remember it? Now, its all in my hand! Nice present!


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