Saturday, February 5, 2011

Old meets new in Rodez, or who was Désiré Malzac?

What's really strange about this photo is that I had never noticed the "D. MALZAC" on this building in Rodez's rue Neuve.

I have unfortunately noticed the Pimkie and Promod signs more times than I care to mention, daughters obligent.

This got me wondering what the D. MALZAC establishment used to be, and none of my books about the history of Rodez were able to enlighten me.

I was convinced that this search for knowledge would be un-Googleable, but I was mistaken.

Désiré Malzac was clearly a printer/editor of some sort; at any rate, his establishment turned out postcards that are now for sale on eBay, or on display on the cool site Europeana.

There was definitely a little "thrill of the knowledge chase" involved in writing today's post.


  1. Fascinating! I found myself drawn into your search, Betty. This is the sort of thing that gets my adrenaline going.

  2. Even as I started to write the post, I hadn't thought of actually trying to find out the significance of the name. I first thought of making a tweet about it, but figured people who know that probably weren't on Twitter. It is interesting to think of this building as a big printworks; it's surely apartments now.

  3. Woo. That was interesting. I love finding out new things about the places we live in.

  4. @Betty Yes, this was really a fun post. I can't believe that in 16 years of walking down that street, I had never noticed the name on that building.

  5. Keep walking and looking. I'm enjoying the results!