Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Honest light

(The road taken, Sunday morning, February 13, 2011)

Even as I have promised myself to get away from the "French countryside" image that was a part of La France Profonde, I have also decided to explore a few back roads that are not that far off my usual paths.

Thus my Sunday morning grocery shopping trip to Bozouls turned into a mini-adventure. I took a detour that leads to the tiny village of Gillorgues, and motored my way up this steeper-than-it-looks dirt road.

I found myself in a quiet place with a lovely view of the town of Bozouls in the hazy distance.

There was one slight problem, though: I knew the light wasn't very good.

Yet why do we so often prefer to take our photos with stunning blue skies and stark contrasts?

These shots certainly aren't as striking as they would have been on a gloriously sunny day, but they sum up what I saw.

Call it honest light.


  1. I, for one, miss "La France Profonde".
    The violettes and coucous are going to show up
    pretty soon. Then the daffodils and narcissus on the Aubrac.

  2. Sorry, Nadège -- but wasn't this kind of a "France Profonde" type post? I really got into the countryside here...

  3. how i'd love to take a wander on that dirt road.

    lovely images....

    getting the light right is always tricky

    sometimes gloriously sunny days are hard if the light isn't angled right, no?

    have fun being out and about!!

  4. @mouse I don't have a fancy-dancy camera, so the light I shoot is the light I get. True, very sunny days are not that easy to take either.

    It was very quiet on that dirt road, other than a surprising wind that I hadn't felt a few meters below.

  5. I think it was great, so: thanks for sharing!

    Being out in the nature is recreational, no matter the weather you know :-)

  6. I often find myself asking the same question about natural light: Why isn't it always as spectacular as we want it to be?

    Then I have an epiphany: If we only ever took pictures when the light was technically perfect - golden hour, richly hued, perfectly rich and deeply-colored sky, etc. - then we wouldn't be telling the whole story.

    After all, photography should represent the full range of the human and planetary condition, not just the times we deem perfect.

    At least that's what I tell myself when it's dull and gray outside, and this is the only time I can grab to take some pictures. So I make do.

    Thank you for making me think!

  7. Carmi -- Thank you for your comment. I have definitely decided to do more "photo vérité" as far as light and cropping is concerned.

  8. I think the pictures are beautiful, Betty. The softness of the light contrasts with the hard dustiness of that dirt road.

  9. We used to meander down the roads 'less travelled' before we took on this house. Hopefully, we'll be able to do that again soon.

  10. @Ken -- The light in the photo on today's post is not as cheery, but equally realistic...February blues have officially set in. I held them off pretty well this year.

    @katiez -- I have decided I need to explore a little right around where we live! There are places outside of Aveyron that I know better!