Saturday, February 26, 2011

I've gotta get out of this place...

You know it's February when Rodez looks like this

My daughters just started two weeks of school holiday.

My students have one week of school holiday.

I have half a day off on Friday afternoon, and I am sure as hell going to make the best of it.

Mind you, this is not a complaint. Although my particular education job doesn't give me "les vacances scolaires," I have a generous vacation plus R.T.T. plan that will allow me to take much of the summer off and still have a few days left over here and there.

In other words, the amount of time off from work is not my point here.

The point is, when Rodez starts looking as it does above...I've got to get away! I've got to run away!

So this morning, I planned out a little one-night escapade with my youngest daughter to a nearby, yet sunnier clime.

I'm already looking forward to posting next week, when I should have much more of interest to say!


  1. The climate in Millau is much milder and sunnier than in Rodez. Believe me, I understand how you feel! From mid-November until mid-February I dream of being in the Southern Hemisphere (and yet compare to you, I should not complain at all as it is always sunny here with just few days of rain during the year). Courage! Spring in on the way.

  2. Nadege, it's true that Millau is often warmer -- although lately they have had snowy and cold episodes at the same time as Rodez. However, I haven't found Millau to be that much sunnier.

    When we want to "get away" to sun, we cross over Le Pas de l'Escalette and it's (usually) another world.

  3. It is true that as soon as you get into l'Herault, you can feel the mediterranean influence. My nephew is a fire captain in Lodeve. He and my niece live in Le Cannet, not too far from Montpellier.

  4. Also, a photographic trick: just walk round to the other side of that forbidding shadow side and there will be light :P

  5. Hello Betty - thanks for stopping by Dolliedaydream - we arrive in France in FOUR (!) weeks, so I must e-mail you. Rodez looks like home from home for me - living in the North West of England whihc isn't well known for it's weather - it even looks like this in August lol! We are sun lovers though and would love any tips on interesting places we can visit and discover in the area ... Kitty x

  6. bon voyage....if only for a day!!!

    amazing what a recharge any time away can do!

    we are probably a couple months away for spring really setting in... still plenty of snow piles and grey skies

  7. Thank you mouse...I am sad to say that although temps will be much warmer where we're going, now they're not predicting sun anymore. However, it will be great to get away...if only for a short time.

  8. Have a nice break! A change of scenery from time to time is definitely good for the soul.