Friday, November 2, 2012

My New York Girl

This has been a year of transitions.

Both of our daughters have followed the same pattern over three years: from Rodez, to a larger city in the region, to a global metropolis.

Through her business school, our youngest  had the opportunity to do two internships in New York City last school year. And at the end of the second one, she got an offer for a one-year job there.

Stopped out.

Bright lights, big city.

Got through Sandy unscathed.


  1. Bravo to both your daughters, Betty.

    Thanks for sharing this good news, and welcome back. I've missed you.


  2. Thanks for your comment Mimi.

    Haven't we all missed blogging, at least those of us who have dropped out?

    I'm trying to work in the daily blog for November to get back in the habit. The main challenge, though, is getting back into the habit of interaction. I remember reading other's blogs and commenting seemed to take SO much time. I'll have to find a way...I don't want this space to die.

  3. That's so great, Betty. I've missed you as well.