Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm on the eve of election....

My niece just chatted with me and asked me what I was up to for election night.

With the time difference of 6 to 9 hours between here and the USA, it's a strange warp -- and I'm not up to anything in particular. 

My American friends and family are living through this experience today; for me, it's tomorrow that counts. Tomorrow in the wee hours, that is.

I'm on the eve of election.

Four years ago, I had followed the presidential election in great detail, and worked myself into a frenzied state by the time the "night of" came around.

I could hardly sleep, and got up at around 4am to check the results --  which, as I remember, didn't really come in until 5am our time. 

My eldest daughter got up with me, and we rejoiced together at Obama's victory. (My youngest was in the USA...as she is tonight.)

A few hours later, I drove to work, honking my horn and blaring Dylan's "When the ship comes in" from my car CD player. 

I arrived early, and a handful of my students grouped together in my office to celebrate the moment.

This year, things don't seem quite so groundbreaking, but I believe the issues at stake are just as crucial, if not more so.

Here's hoping I'll be waking up to good news during the night....

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