Monday, November 5, 2012

A weekend away

The world from my car window
Lectoure, Gers department

I've been largely lucky weather-wise as far as travels are concerned. 

My family and I have managed late-December trips to Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Strasbourg without ever having to face pouring rain. 

There was that foot of snow in Brussels in 2010, but we enjoyed that.

Over the weekend, though, my husband and I took a one-night trip to the Gers department for an informal reunion of his engineering school class. The weather was horrendous....and that really makes a difference, doesn't it?

We were in a lovely area that I don't know very well, near Lectoure in the Gers department. There were fascinating buildings to photograph and great little villages to poke around. And I really felt like getting out and taking pictures.

But the weather, and an impending cold, kept me in the car.

We left saying we'll have to get back to this area....


  1. We went to the Gers, near Eauze, for the Easter weekend a couple of years ago and had exactly the same experience. We came home a night early.

  2. The next time I go, it will be a last minute decision, with careful consultation of the weather forecast...