Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Actually, not so wordless, because with this post, I think I have fallen upon a whole new blogging concept...

To be continued!


  1. Do tell! I'm doing Wordless Wednesday. Busy editing a history reader; reading for the first time some ancient Chinese texts and reading a bit of the Iliad. My mind is expanding.

  2. when it's not WW you must tell us more!!!

    where were you? looks like some sort of food expo?!

    i love wordless wednesday of the lakewood daily snap, but on the mouse before i heard about wordless wednesday, i started what i call wall wednesday - maybe when i run out of walls i start doing wordless wednesday - i like having the pressure off on coming up with something to say (with words) - of course every picture tells a story, don't it!

  3. I can tell you more here, because there's no rule against commenting on WW! This was indeed at a food expo -- last year I went to a huge one called Alimentaria, in Barcelona, with my business school students. The displays were amazing - -this one is of Spanish cured hams. There was a whole pavillion devoted just to that!