Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rodez by (museum) night

(All photos courtesy of Thierry Jouanneteau)

My husband and I went to quite the lovely event last night: La Nuit Européenne des Musées.

It's an annual do, but we hadn't attended it for a few years.

We ran into some old friends

We used to go to the Musée Denys-Puech often with the girls when they were little ones. It was a suitable outing for rainy Sundays, and at the time, was Rodez's only functioning museum. (Musée Fenaille was closed for remodeling for years.)

"Post rock" among the menhirs

The principle of La Nuit des Musées is not only to open for free on a Saturday night, but also to provide various types of entertainment inside the establishments. We got in on the tail end of a concert in the Musée Fenaille's stunning inner courtyard.

It was a great evening: we started it out with a light dinner at one of our favorite Rodez eateries, the wine and tapas bar La Gargouille.

We ran into some old friends.

And we finished up with a photo-taking stroll through centre ville.


  1. oh, that moon! from the angle of the photograph, it looks like it's acting as a spotlight.
    L learned to walk, partly, at the Williams College Museum of Art. A great little museum, strangely (at that time, anyway) unpopulated by visitors. She was free to wheel around.

  2. What a lovely way to have spent an evening together! Especially in places that you have seen transformed in nice ways over the years. Bravo on a night out on the town with your Jules!

  3. great night shots - what a snap of the moon!!

    sounds like a divine evening

  4. Thanks to all of you for your comments -- it was really a lovely evening and one I wanted to immortalize in a blog. Thierry took a lot of great photos and I might put them up in a Picasa album...

  5. We haven't had a night out like that in I don't know how long. Looked lovely!