Sunday, March 6, 2011

Perking up in Pézenas

Une porte de Pézenas, March 4, 2011

It's amazing what even one night away can do to boost my spirits -- especially at this time of year.

Friday I took the afternoon off, and with my youngest daughter we hit the open road to the enchanting medieval town of Pézenas in the Hérault department.

Unfortunately, the weather there was a bit cloudy and chilly, but the colors of the Languedoc still shone through.

Blues in Pézenas chased my blues away

Our original plan had been to spend Friday night in Montpellier, but while surfing the Internet for hotels last weekend, the idea hit me to spend the night somewhere smaller and quieter.

I didn't really even know how truly lovely Pézenas is...nor how full of tourists it must be in the late spring and summer.

Grey skies; blue shutters

There's something special about roaming around top French tourist spots off-season.

Virtually every building gave us a photo opp -- but we were the only ones taking pictures.


  1. Beautiful blues . . .

  2. Lovely blues. Will dedicate to Michelle's memory! You are a wonderful photographer.

  3. My niece lives really close to Pézenas. We were there in July almost 2 years ago. The open air market is huge and so much fun (and full of tourists).

  4. I've had tourists wanting to know how to get to Pézenas. I need to go, too!

  5. To al -- it really is a lovely place. @Nadège, we missed the market because we ran off to Montpellier to go shopping. My priorities are not TOTALLY in sync with my daughter's! Then again, i could have woken up early and gone to the market by myself...didn't do that!

  6. beautiful...thanks for bringing us along through your lovely photos...

  7. So happy you had the chance to get away. We were supposed to move to Pézenas but the house got snapped up by another couple before we had our financing in place. It is a charming place!

  8. I'm always fascinated by the different hues of blues in various departments.... In the Vendee it was more periwinkle.

  9. so pretty. If we ever have a maison du village, I want to paint the shutters blue

  10. makes me want to wander over for an extended visit . ..

  11. @loulou Now I think I remember that you told me that. It would have been a nice place to live, but probably painfully overrun with tourists for the late spring/summer.

    @katiz @megan I agree that blue shutters are a wonderful detail of many regions of France.

    @tut-tut Thank you for the visit! I will wander over to your blog this weekend...the week was just too busy.