Saturday, March 19, 2011

Is soggy weather bloggy weather?

The world from my window, March 19 2011

Have you found a direct connection between the weather and the desire to write blog posts and accessorize them with lovely photos?

I figure for many of us, there is a link between what's going on outside and what goes up on our blog.

The link could go both ways. On the one hand, blogging is a highly suitable winter activity. And when the weather brightens up, we should naturally be distracted by other possibilities besides sitting in front of our computers.

I feel the opposite effect. When the sun is beaming, I want to run out, take photos, and share them here. It seems like there's plenty to tell and plenty to show.

But on days like today...or during weeks like this one...I feel like there isn't that much to say.

So I may not be saying much this weekend.

Or then again, tomorrow the sun may burst out, and I could have a whole new set of photos and thoughts to share.


  1. Well we do spend more time indoors when it's wet and miserable but that does not necessarily result in more blogging: I cook, I read, I write, I sleep. And while the first activity might entail some blogging, the rest does not.

  2. I'm always interested in your photos and what you have to say! I may be posting more photos, now that my computer has more memory and it doesn't take half a day to download, etc. Have a good weekend, whatever you decide to do, Betty!

  3. Try and think of the rain as food, as nourishment, Betty.

    Those lovely trees in your photo are interacting with that rain and CO2 and it's keeping them alive. They do look like they need a hug though.

    I recommend on with the gum boots (?les bottes de caoutchouc) and have a little word with your trees.


  4. PS: and I spy a little garden to the left of those trees. Have bees started to visit it yet?

  5. I have so much more energy about everything when the sun is shining.... Until about the middle of Aug. Then, after endless sunny days I long for rain... Never lasts more than a day though LOL