Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On the 12th day of Christmas...

Part of our Christmas village, which, if 2013 is like most years, will probably stay up until March or even beyond

... I will take stock of these 12 glorious days of vacation. 

First, you may be asking yourself why, as a teacher, I have made such a big deal out of having 12 big days off at Christmas. It's true that many teachers get two whole weeks. But my building closes for a minimum of one week at Christmas, and a bit more if the dates work out right.

Also, although teaching is my main activity, I am contractually a regular French employee, subject to "normal" French vacation rules. So no, this gal does not get two weeks off every two months. And honestly, I don't think I'd really want to.

So 12 days represented a truly generous Christmas break. And the fact that we didn't fill it up with a trip means that I got a really good rest. 

Of course, I had many things I wanted to accomplish. I accomplished some of them; others will wait. And I won't bore you with the long list of what got done and what didn't. 

But one accomplishment was getting this blog moving again! My "12 Days of Christmas" theme was like my own personal little NaBloPloMo. Which, by the way, I think I will never do again...


  1. I agree; no more NaBloPoMo. Yea for more blogging in 2013! That is is my great goal. I like getting out into the blog-o-sphere again, too. So many interesting things to read and investigate.

  2. For me, NaBlo has mainly led to pressure and sub-par posts. I have made a few good contacts through it, but contacts aren't what's lacking anymore. It's just the time to read and write blogs. I figure I'll do the best I can!

  3. What tut-tut said! I'm really enjoying reading the blogs again.

  4. "...this gal does not get two weeks off every two months. And honestly, I don't think I'd really want to."

    Hi Betty, and I think the same way. I'm a self-employed translator and interpreter and that means I can't just say "no, sorry, I'm on holiday" for two or three weeks if clients ask me to work. But that's not a problem because I earn enough in 2.5/3 weeks to live comfortably so I just go away for a few days as and when it's convenient. And if work comes whilse I'm on a break, oh well, I just do it unless it would take more than, say, 5 hours. It's not a perfect setup but at least I get no holiday tailbacks, no constraints and, most of all, no boss.

    An anecdote? I went to London in July for four days to see friends in and at almost the very moment my train pulled out of the station here in Lyon to take me there I got a text message from a major client asking me if I could translate four pages in a hurry. The timing was amusingly ironic. Anyway, I did that job on my phone (no wifi) between Lyon and Lille. Downside? Not being able to look at the countryside go by. Upside? €300-odd euros earned in 2.5 hours whilst drinking a beer or two in an almost empty carriage. :)

    As for NaBloPoMo and others of that ilk, hmmmm. Let's just say that one is not in an ongoing being convinced situation.

    Excellent evening to you and yours,

  5. Love your 12 days. Vacation time is always precious.
    Happy New Year!
    (No idea when my Christmas will get packed up either)

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