Sunday, November 6, 2011

Talking shop

My head is spinning today.

At my "advanced age," I am thinking about doing some sort of degree or certificate program that would formalize and solidify my skills and knowledge in my career and my passion: teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Yes, I have a Bachelor's Degree, in English for that matter, from a prestigious American university. But finding creative ways to teach verb tenses doesn't have much to do with Chaucer or Dickens.

And yes, I did a 5th year of university studies that led to my becoming a certified teacher in Washington State. Indeed, I still use some of what I learned during that program in my teaching.

But that was, um, how long ago? And how much of that year do I really remember? And how relevant is what I learned then -- on a non-subject specific course, to boot -- to today's language classrooms?

I have a lot to think about.


  1. Hi Betty. If it feels right, then go for it! Age is just a number, right? (Says the woman who exhausted herself earlier this year by working full time and studying part time) ;)

  2. Hey Betty! How did your degree course end up (question also asked on your own blog...)

  3. I passed :) Really pleased with my marks too. It wasn't a whole degree, just a very big chunk of degree-level study. Not planning on doing any more in the near (or distant) future. That's not to say I wouldn't study again, but it would have to be for pleasure rather than for work!

  4. COngratulations to you! And doesn't this make quite a stream of comments from "Betty"?