Sunday, April 3, 2011

Window to window

Stuck in some of the endless road work that is going on in Rodez these days, I was able to catch this kitty from my car window. I suppose all of those vehicles below gave him/her/it something to contemplate...


  1. Cats LOVE to look out at the crazy people outside.

  2. Actually, our rabbit looks out the window a lot too.

    I saw another cat in Rodez today perched about 5 stories up on an open balcony -- it made me dizzy!

  3. This is my 2nd Tuscan apartment where there is a cat in the window directly across from me. And it would stare. Hard. And not just when I was hand-frothing my cappuccino milk in my jammies. It. would. just. stare. Incredible.

  4. What I wouldn't give to know what's going through that kitty's mind. I love how you capture moments. There's such soul in your photography!

  5. @Nadège Spring is indeed in full swing now -- sun and 24° C today!

    @Valerie -- Thank you for the visit. I stopped by your blog -- lovely? Are you a connection of spacedlaw's?

    @Carmi -- Thank you so much for your comment. It means a lot because you are one excellent blogger yourself.