Sunday, April 10, 2011

Barcelona Magic 1

At this precise moment, I started to love Barcelona

There is nothing noteworthy about this photo. It's just a building in Barcelona, attractive but not particularly charming.

As I took it, I was sitting on a café patio below. With a colleague, we had just finished visiting the International Tourism Show with a group of 36 business school students, and we were free for the rest of the afternoon. As we left, said colleague invited me to join her for lunch with a few people she was meeting up with who live in the city.

I had had grand plans to "see stuff" during the afternoon. But my feet hurt. I had gotten up at 1:45 am, ridden a bus for 7 hours, and then tromped around a trade fair for 5 more.

Of course I said yes.

We ended up at a tiny, somewhat greasy-looking neighborhood tapas bar. "Authentic" would be the word.

We sat down, and time just stopped. I snapped this photo, and let Barcelona take over. The next 24 hours were sheer magic...


  1. I'm so happy to hear that you finally fell in love with one of my favorite cities. It took a while, but I knew you would finally give in. :)

  2. Barcelona does have to grow on you. I remember being a little freaked out on the Ramblas with all the transvestive hookers. But after a day or two, it did become magic.
    Hooray, a good reason to visit again.

  3. @loulou Yes, I think I just hadn't been taken to the right places.

    @Dedene The first time I went, in the 80s, it was beastly hot and I had a tough time navigating the city. Since then, it's been for short school trips and I haven't been seeing the right parts of town. Now I know, at least to some extent, where to go.

  4. Ah, you succumbed... It's been one of my favorite cities for years.... I miss it! So glad you had a chance to enjoy it.
    But 1:45 am? Ouch!

  5. I haven't been to Barcelona yet but I'm promising myself that this will be the year! I'd like to experience some of that magic as well :-)