Sunday, June 17, 2012

Where I'm at these days

Geel, Belgium, April 2012, as seen from a restaurant window

One of my daughters started a blog recently, and as I encourage her in this endeavor, I've been thinking about how I miss my blogging activity.

I'm everywhere but here these days.

I've been in the air and on the road a lot this school year: Budapest, Barcelona, Strasbourg, Paris, and twice to Belgium. And I may be leaving someplace out...oh yes, Normandy.

A colleague remarked to me the other day that "my suitcase was always ready." I suppose now that my daughters are older and I have some work-related and personal travel opportunities, I am willing to hop up and move whenever I can.

That is one reason I left my (very) mildly successful blog La France Profonde behind. I'm not so sure that was a good move as far as blogging rep, but writing about cows and villages just wasn't me anymore.

Yet I've had trouble investing this space, and it's not just a matter of time. 

I think it's a matter of identity. "An American in Aveyron," my subtitle for La France Profonde, gave me an anchor.

"A slightly frazzled 50-something dual national spending some of her time running around France, other European countries, and the USA; some of it studying for the Cambridge DELTA; some of it lolling around her house; a lot of it at work..." Hmmm....I don't think that will fit on my blog banner.

But as I told my daughter, "it doesn't take long to write a blog post."

So maybe I should start taking my own advice. 

Médecin, soigne-toi...


  1. Betty,

    Congratulations on your talent for successfully blending a life rich in family relationships, friendships, work-related activity and continuing professional development. My hat is off to you. I should be so capable.


  2. Thank you spacedlaw and Pliers for your encouragement. I figure one post at the weekend and one Wordless Wednesday could be doable. So I'll see what I can do!

  3. Just write and see where it takes you... I feel like I've lost my voice lately, too. At some point, one settles into life here and misadventures kind of fall away (or, at least, they should). I'll keep an eye out for you ;-)

  4. I can identify. For the past five years, I've juggled family and work obligations with little time for blogging and I've MISSED it. Another blogger mentioned "the good old days" recently, and I started thinking about how much fun this was when it was still new. Of course, that was when photos took forever to upload and we had to learn some html in oder to blog. It's so easy now; it ought to be more fun.

    I'm going to jump back in and see what happens, now that I've given 90-days notice at work.


  5. Hi Betty, I know I only check your blogs sometimes...but I miss them! After many years of visiting France, we bought a vacation home near Limogne en Quercy and travel towards Rodez regularly. Each time, I think of I'm a 50 something almost 60 something... Please think about resuming. Take care with burning out!

  6. Bonsoir, Betty! I see real life still calls you away from blogging. Same here, unfortunately! Been missing it recently, so maybe I'll dip my toe in the waters again.

    How are you anyway? Well, I hope.
    A bientot, Liz.

  7. Thank you Liz,

    Yes, I miss blogging too but it seems so impossibly time-consuming that I'm not sure when I'll get back to it. For the moment, the DELTA exam preparation is taking a LOT of time. It's nice to know people still drop by occasionally, though.

    Take care and thanks for your comment,