Saturday, February 25, 2012

Diverse News

(My daughter is on the left...)

I haven't taken to this space for so long that it is intimidating.

It's not for a lack of anything to blog about; there is plenty of news.

I have been accepted to do the Cambridge DELTA program -- or perhaps I should write "programme" since it is a Cambridge thing and all.

Our elder daughter is finishing her "Licence" and will be going to a musical comedy academy in Paris next year.

My younger daughter just got back from a study trip to Mumbai. As a friend of mine pointed out, she remembers when study trips were no more than 100km from home. For that matter, when I was in school, they were called "field trips" and were usually in our town.

My husband is planning some office/garage expansion, although the house isn't really finished. And yes, we have been living here for 12 years. Such is life.

Times are beyond busy. My main objective for tomorrow?

To take the Christmas tree down.


  1. Hi Betty! Let's blog more this year. I'm determined. I hope that Christmas tree is a fake one; otherwise, you must be up to your ankles in needles.

  2. Oh yes indeed, it is fake. And we always keep it up until we can feel winter going away. This year we had that huge cold and snow period in February and I liked its comforting lights. Also our rabbit loves to nestle under it, so we always feel a little bad taking it down.

  3. My oldest daughter's 8th grade class is going to Venice and Verona in May. That's definitely better than any field trip I ever went on.

  4. You have been busy.... I like your idea about the tree - but not with my puppies LOL

  5. Just found your blog (well, O.K., I just found FP) and have just managed to read every entry for the past seven years. I don't know how you managed to have kept blogging for so long, but hope you continue!

  6. Really, regnaD? I am amazed. True, la France Profonde was a nice blog, but I started to feel in by the Aveyron theme. Not sure what will become of this space, but I like it better.